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Sometimes private yoga, semi-private or group yoga classes are a better fit for your needs than our regular yoga classes.  We can work with you directly to develop a yoga practice that is specific to you or your group needs.  For example, if you have limited mobility we can accommodate that and work on developing a practice that helps you address your health goals.

Private Yoga Sessions

Integrating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (the world’s oldest holistic healing system and sister science to yoga), we will work with you to develop a yoga practice that is truly therapeutic to your unique needs.  With 1 on 1 sessions, we can develop a yoga practice that is unique to your health concerns and goals, as well as your own psycho-emotional make-up. These customized and private yoga sessions will also incorporate a seasonal approach that considers climate, time of day, and time of year to bring balance and strength to your body and mind.

Private yoga sessions are an excellent way to give your body the attention it needs. It is also a very comfortable way to get introduced to yoga. There is no minimum commitment required, although we recommend at least 6-8 sessions to truly feel the benefits of yoga.

Group Yoga Details

Size: Ideal is 4-6 (min = 2 and max = 8)

Group Yaga developed by bringing yoga to friends in a comfortable home setting. It provided a healthy and positive way for friends to connect  on a weekly basis.  The benefits were truly amazing! I felt inspired to offer this opportunity to others.

How often have you found yourself thinking: (a) I wish I had more time for my friends/family and (b) I wish I had more time to care for myself?

Group yoga allows you to meet both of those goals.

It provides a wonderful opportunity for friends/family to get together consistently and strengthen connections in a healthy positive way. How great to experience the wonderful benefits of yoga with those special people in your life – the ones you always wish you could see more often.

Improving your relationships with others is among one of the many benefits of yoga. When you feel more at peace, more in the moment, more in tune with everyone around you, you begin to notice things and interact with people in a much more positive and compassionate way. Why not replace your girl’s night out with a group yoga and experience the benefits first hand!

How to Develop a Group for Semi-Private Yoga

Group yoga is great for families, friends, sports teams/groups and even co-workers.  You can also combine these groups e.g. create a mom & daughter private yoga session with your friends.

In creating your group, it is ideal that you have like goals. Some examples include:

Beginners Yoga:  For friends interested in trying yoga together in a comfortable environment

Yoga for Runners/Mountain Bikers/Dancers: repetitive motion can create tightness in the same muscle groups. Those that perform the same sports as you, likely have tightness in the same areas. We can develop a customized yoga program that can add balance to your fitness regime

Busy Moms: Have limited time to care for yourself? Looking for a place to relax, destress, but also strengthen and develop lean, flexible muscles? We can develop a yoga program that allows you to spend time with friends and also give you the workout and work-in you need!

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