What are the differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing? Are they the proverbial ‘chalk and cheese’? Or, are they much the same, other than the medium used to disseminate the marketer’s message? Giving definition to each type – Digital and Traditional – of Marketing offers immediate clues to differences and similarities, providing insights to improved communication.

Traditional Marketing covers a broad swathe of different mediums, including television, radio and print (e.g. newspapers, magazines, yellow or white pages directories). It also encompasses posters, billboards, printed marketing collateral (e.g. business cards, brochures, leaflets, flyers etc.), and word-of-mouth or referral marketing. All commonly considered as ‘outbound’ marketing, e.g. an organisation pushes its message out to consumers on a variety of platforms.

Digital Marketing, as the name suggests, uses the prevalence of mobile and other digital devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones and laptops), in seemingly constant use by consumers, to communicate by way of websites, social media and the ubiquitous ‘pop-ups’ and ‘banners’ that are everywhere online. These are examples of ‘inbound’ marketing where small excerpts, or hints of the full message, pull consumers in to find the whole story – often spread over a series of detailed web pages.

Other differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Measuring the effectiveness of Traditional Marketing has always been problematic and time-consuming. Conversely, Digital Marketing’s reach can be established relatively quickly and easily by counting the number of ‘clicks’ on an advert, or ‘hits’ on a website. Traditional Marketing is generally used to connect with a local audience, whereas Digital Marketing’s range often extends much further – even worldwide on the web.

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