What are the advantages of Information Technology in a business environment?  A classic “how long is a piece of string” type of question, to which, of course, there is no single definitive answer.  Businesses, regardless of size or structure, gain many and varied advantages from their use of information technology.

As profit-driven enterprises, businesses constantly search for ways to do things more efficiently and/or for less cost, thereby increasing profits.  Information technology advantages contribute to these goals in many ways, including:

Process Automation
Recurring tasks are prime candidates for automation, whether in a manufacturing, office or any other environment.  One obvious information technology advantage of automation is the release of staff from, often mundane and repetitive duties, to concentrate on other responsibilities.  Taken further that can lead to reducing the number of staff required to run the business.

Fast, even instant, communication with anyone, anywhere in the world – de rigueur in contemporary life – is an advantage of information technology in which we all share.  Where would any modern business be without some combination of email, inter-office communicator (i.e. messaging), video conferencing and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony?  All of these increase the speed and decrease the cost of communication with employees, clients and suppliers – wherever they are.

Information Storage, Protection and Sharing
Businesses generate enormous amounts of information, all of which is valuable to the organisation and some of which is subject to statutory regulations (e.g. General Data Protection Regulations – Australia).  Information technology advantage comes from the ability to store unlimited amounts of information securely, in compliance with regulations, but easily accessible and shareable by properly authorised persons.  Information is protected from unauthorised access, can be backed-up and restored in the event of some disaster affecting the organisation, and is available for use 24/7 – 365.

Remote / Distributed Working
Information technology advantages of remote/distributed working are shared by businesses and their employees.  Employees gain flexibility to improve their work/life balance through not having to attend the office every day.  Businesses continue to get tasks completed even when employees work offsite – from home, from a client site…or wherever!  Some businesses reduce the office space they need (and have been paying for).  It isn’t uncommon for a modern business to have individuals supplying specific skills and expertise to a project from entirely separate locations.

ECAC business courses bring IT to life in practical situations demonstrating how information technology advantages can be accessed by any business.  Contact us for more details and get the IT advantage.