Transport Options Melbourne

How to commute in Melbourne

Getting around Melbourne is simple with an reasonable, user-friendly open transport framework that interfaces the central trade locale with the broader metropolitan range. You’ll require a myki pass to travel on trains, buses and cable cars.


Public Transport (Train, Tram, Buses, you need to have Myki card)

You’ll need a MYKI pass

Myki is the ticket to travel on the city’s trains, trams and buses. It’s a plastic smartcard with stored value which can be topped up and re-used again.

Load currency on to your card to pay-as-you-go on all three modes of transport. You can do this online or at any any one of myki retail outlets located across metropolitan and regional Victoria, including all 7-Eleven stores.

Simply tap on at the beginning of your trip and tap off at the end to be charged the correct fare.

Get an Myki Card


Download the MYKI app to your smartphone to plan your trip using Melbourne public transport system.

Buses are a simple way to travel in and around metropolitan Melbourne. Most major transport courses work 7 days a week. Timetables are shown at numerous transport stops – appearing the course number, anticipated entry time and destination. ECA College may be a brief 5-6 diminutive walk from Southern Cross Station, which is additionally a major transport terminal.
  • Trains

    Trains are a fast, visit and dependable alternative, and extend over the Melbourne Central Commerce Area, rural areas and into territorial Victoria metropolitan regions. Train services in Melbourne stop between midnight and 4:30am. ECA College is a short 5-6 minute walk from Southern Cross Station.

  • Trams/Light Rail

    Melbourne has the third biggest cable car organize within the world with an astonishing 245 kilometers of twofold track and Melbourne’s cable cars arrange give helpful and visit travel through Melbourne’s inward rural areas. Travel inside the central region of Melbourne by tram is free, in spite of the fact that you’ll require a myki card in the event that you arrange to begin or wrap up your travel exterior of this central zone.


Melbourne could be a cycle-friendly city with committed bicycle tracks and an impressive network of on-road bicycle paths. No ought to possess a bicycle – take advantage of Melbourne Bicycle Share program because it could be a incredible choice for brief trips over the city at moo fetched.

Note that riding without a bike helmet is illegal in Australia. You can purchase helmets for $5 from vending machines at Southern Cross Station and Melbourne University, and from select convenience stores.

Make your Bike ride