What are the qualities that make a great leader?

Do you have the qualities that make a great leader? The Top 10 Leadership Qualities or skills listed below, in no particular order, represent highly desirable leadership qualities common among successful leaders of teams, large and small.

  1. Integrity / Honesty / Consistency – Leaders set the tone for the teams they lead. Displaying high levels of integrity, honesty and consistency in their approach to team members, colleagues, clients, suppliers and everyone else they come into contact with, inspires others to attain similarly high standards of professionalism.
  2. Inspire / Motivate – Leaders, by their words and deeds, can bring out the best in subordinates, inspiring and motivating them to achieve all they can for themselves, the team and the organisation.
  3. Relationship Building – Good leaders build relationships with and among team members, and with others inside and outside their organisation. They look to create consensus among stakeholders and other interested parties.
  4. Develops / Mentors – Leaders are committed to continuing their own personal/professional development, and to mentoring subordinates to do likewise. Good leaders effectively train their own replacement, creating effective succession plans.
  5. Delegation – Effective leaders delegate. Delegating tasks to subordinates empowers them, increases morale, builds confidence and generates trust, raising the skills and experience of everyone concerned.
  6. Innovative Analytical Problem Solving – Leaders first understand a problem before developing creative solutions to it. They consistently seek better, more efficient ways of achieving results using the skills and expertise within their teams.
  7. Communicator – Successful leaders effectively communicate ‘up’ (to superiors), ‘down’ (to subordinates) and ‘across’ to others, delivering information with an appropriate level of detail for the target audience.
  8. Technically Proficient – Good leaders’ technical/professional expertise helps them understand issues, devise solutions, communicate with skilled staff and ensure operational efficiency.
  9. Strategic Thinking – Leaders avoid narrow focus only on immediate concerns. They watch the bigger picture, assessing how best their team can contribute to achieving organisation-wide goals.
  10. Drive / Commitment – Effective leaders don’t exist within their comfort zone. Nor allow team members to do so. They’re committed to continually striving for, and encouraging those around them to push themselves to, higher levels of achievement in meeting organisation objectives.

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