The importance of Communication Skills has always been paramount and never more so than now, in the digital age. Professionally and personally it’s important to develop and maintain high standards of verbal, written, non-verbal and listening skills as the oil helping keep the wheels of any relationship – business or private – turning.

Communication in Business
Businesses are built on communication, whether it be internal among staff or external with clients, suppliers, regulators, the media or whomever. Skill in forming a clear and concise message, imparting it using a chosen medium (written – advert, email, newsletter, article, blog, leaflet etc.; spoken – person-to-person, television, radio, vlog, film, book etc.) and having it understood then acted upon by the target audience, is an important cornerstone of any communication strategy.

Standing out from the crowd
High-speed modern communication methods (e.g. email, messaging, social media, television etc.) ensure there’s a lot of ‘noise’ vying for attention. Skilfully developed, succinct and focussed statements help cut through the clamour of competing messages, helping any communication achieve its desired result.

Communication Skills needed everywhere in life
Students understand the importance of a well-written letter of application in helping obtain an interview at a preferred organisation. Thereafter, speaking confidently and appropriately at the interview helps in securing a position within the company. As employees, listening, learning and contributing effectively, in writing and verbally, to organisational aims are important for success at every stage of a career – from raw recruit to senior professional. An individual’s skill in reading the body language and other non-verbal, unspoken communication of others, aids in understanding their motivation, needs, and pressures in any given situation. All of which assists in developing, building and maintaining healthy, mutually beneficial, long-term business and personal relationships.

ECAC Marketing and Communication courses were developed with the importance of communication skills in mind. They are designed to improve students’ understanding of the various types of communication skills and how to apply them effectively in a business or social environment. Contact us for more details and hone your Communication Skills.