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Student services not only provides administrative support for students but also handles many of the day-to-day enquiries about enrolment, timetables and important dates and provides help with submitting forms and other applications.

Student services responds to enquiries about fees, provides further information on government surveys and can provide support with access to other independent services which may be of value to students. To contact student services please email.

For students:[email protected]

ECA College student support and orientation for students

  • English Language Learning Support

    All ECA college courses are delivered in English. If English is not your first language and you are studying on campus in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you can attend English workshops held at ELSIS free of charge.

    Further information about the free English classes for APIC students is found on the ELSIS website:

  • Careers and Employment Course Advice

    If you are not sure which course or program suits your needs and aspirations, please contact our course advisory service to arrange a free confidential consultation. Our advisors can provide you with information to help you decide about the study pathway that best suits you.

    For Sydney students: [email protected]

    For Brisbane Students : [email protected]

    For Melbourne Students: [email protected]

  • Counselling services

    The Counselling Services offered to ECA College Students through the Converge International Program provides professional counselling support in all areas of study, work and life.

    Services Provided

    When you access Student Assist, you will speak with a qualified, experienced counsellor across a range of issues including:

    Study, work and personal stress
    Homesickness and transition to life in Australia
    Personal and workplace relationships
    Emotional difficulties
    Communication and relationship tension, conflict and breakdown
    Sexual harassment and sexual assault
    Grief and loss
    Sleep and fatigue
    Gambling, drug, alcohol and other addictions
    Anger and violence

    Our Counsellors

    Help you understand your personal strengths and assist in making good decisions
    Support you develop strategies to drive positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle
    Help you adapt to change and seize opportunities Provide coping strategies when dealing with difficult situations

    Student Assistance Program

    Your Student Assistance Program is:
    A confidential service
    Available to all Students
    Available for up to 2 sessions per issue
    Details of your discussion will not be shared with your education provider. You can read our Privacy Policy on our website.

    Contact Us

    To make an appointment to speak with a Converge
    International counsellor:1300 687 327

    Visit and
    click on Contact Us to access our Live Chat

    Download our App “EAP Connect” and
    connect with us through the Appointment icon

    For immediate support anywhere in Australia you can also contact Beyond Blue (phone, chat online and email services available). In an emergency, Lifeline provides 24-hour telephone and online chat crisis support.

  • Disability Services

    ECA College campuses are accessible to students with disabilities. The College provides reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities. Please contact student [email protected] to arrange a confidential consultation to assess your needs.

  • Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

    Sexual Abuse and harassment ECA Group has zero tolerance for sexual assault and harassment. We are committed to supporting staff and students affected by sexual assault or harassment, regardless of where and when it takes place. A sexual offence is any unwanted sexual behaviour or activity, which can make you feel uncomfortable, frightened or threatened. To know more about sexual assault and harassment, including how to report complaints, please see the Australian Human Rights Commission website at