ECA College is located in the heart of Sydney offering the following facilities and services:

Materials, Resources and Library Access

ECA College provides students with access to a comprehensive range of written, video, and online resources. These materials are to be accessed for study use and students are required to pay the published materials fee. As students will be using the online portal, students will need to have their own computer or laptop, or have easy access to one. ECA College has computers that students may use on campus in various locations. ECA College provides students with access to an on-campus Library and Learning Space that includes:

The Library and Learning Space Rules of Conduct and Hours of Access/Operation are posted for all students to read and comply. In addition to the on-campus library, ECA College students can complete the online application to join the City of Sydney Library Service through the online website access at https://library.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/Montage/Join.aspx The City of Sydney Library Services branches are located at the following:

The street address, contact details and opening hours of all City of Sydney Library Services branches listed above can be found by visiting the following website at https://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/explore/libraries/our-network The conditions of membership are as follows:

Student Support Services:

ECA College will assess the needs of individual learners during orientation using language, literacy and numeracy testing. Trainers will monitor students during class to identify any students who are struggling. They will be available after class for additional tuition and to clarify topics for those that require additional assistance. 
Learners can request for additional mentoring sessions to be organised with their trainer, request learning support via email or ask for additional time after class to discuss issues they may be experiencing with their assessments. Where the learner is experiencing any learning or personal difficulties s/he should contact their Student Services Officer to discuss the issue in the first instance, and if a solution cannot be reached, the learner should be referred to the Student Intervention Officer for review and resolution. 
ECA College also offers a full range of welfare and social activity programs, including free events for networking with industry. Trainers are responsible for the welfare and well-being of their students on these trips. 

Industry Workshops

ECA College provides additional monthly workshops at no cost to the students that directly relate to business as well as the learning process. A calendar is published each month and includes but is not limited to the following:

English Language and LLN Support

Prior to commencement, all students are required to provide evidence of IELTS 5.5 certification or equivalent to demonstrate English language proficiency. However, all students will undertake an LLN Assessment during orientation to ensure that actual English language ability demonstrated is adequate for successful completion of the qualification based on additional internal testing. Where students LLN tests are below the benchmark, students will be provided with an 8-week English workshop at ELSIS at no cost to the student.

Vocational Training and Future Employment

ECA College works closely with a number of significant industry organisations, however there is no guarantee of employment for ECA College students or graduates.