ECA College campuses are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offering the following facilities and services: During COVID-19 ECA College campuses are closed and all courses are delivered online. Students must have access to a computer and the internet to study online.

ECA College provides students with access to a comprehensive range of written, video, and online resources. These materials are to be accessed for study use and students are required to pay the published materials fee. As students will be using the online portal, students will need to have their own computer or laptop or have easy access to one. ECA College has computers that students may use on campus in various locations. ECA College provides students with access to Learning Spaces that include: ECA College students can complete the online application to join the City of Sydney Library Service through the online website access at https://library.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/Montage/Join.aspx The City of Sydney Library Services branches are located at the following:

Student Support Services:

ECA College will assess the needs of individual learners during orientation using language, literacy and numeracy testing. Trainers will monitor students during class to identify any students who are struggling. They will be available for additional tuition and to clarify topics for those that require additional assistance. Students can request additional mentoring sessions with their trainer, request learning support via email or ask for additional time after class to discuss issues they may have with their assessments. Where a student is experiencing learning or personal difficulties they should contact their Student Services Officer to discuss the issue and if a solution cannot be reached the student can be referred to the Student Intervention Officer or other counselling and support services for review and resolution. ECA College also offers welfare and social activity programs including free events for networking with industry.

Counselling Services:

ECA Group provides free and confidential counselling services through Converge International for students who are experiencing personal difficulties or need help to settle with their new life in Australia. Converge International is an external, professional, counselling company which provides student psychological and well-being services. This student assistance program is a confidential service, available to all students for up to 2 sessions per issue. Counselling service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Details of your discussion will not be shared with ECA Group staff. If you would like help booking, please speak to one of our helpful student services officers. Depending on your circumstances, you may request a face to face meeting, an urgent telephone call, a video call or a zoom meeting. You can arrange a meeting by calling 1300 687 327 or visiting the following website: https://www.convergeinternational.com.au/ and logging in through the Converge Portal Login using: Username: converge Password: eap. You can download Converge International’s ‘EAP Connect’ App through the Apple and Google Play store to your phone/laptop, so that you have easy access to these services, whenever you want. This App can be used to make bookings, change appointments and to access mindfulness activities. Please use your organisation/school when booking an appointment: ECA College

English Language and LLN Support:

Prior to commencement, all students are required to provide evidence of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent to demonstrate English language proficiency. However, all students will undertake an LLN Assessment during orientation to ensure that the English language ability demonstrated is adequate for successful completion of the qualification. Where a LLN result is below the benchmark the student may be provided with external English workshops or resources at no cost to the student.

Fees and Charges:

Please place the table of fees and charges here. https://www.ecacollege.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/ECA-College-Fees-and-Charges-2021.pdf

Vocational Training and Future Employmentt:

ECA College works closely with a number of significant industry organisations, however there is no guarantee of employment for ECA College students or graduates. ECA Internships (www.internships.eca.edu) is an entity within ECA Group that can arrange work experience and project internship placements in a variety of industries for students. The placements are an excellent opportunity to build employability skills directly with organisations.