The Art of Learning to Sell can be trained and is not merely gifted with the right skill set at birth. How many times have you heard something like… “he’s a natural born salesman”? Maybe he/she is – but they’re not doing anything that the rest of us can’t learn to do.

We all sell. Every day. Without thinking about it.

  • Coaxed your spouse into booking the trip to Italy – good value and a great educational opportunity for the kids? You sold.
  • Convince your boss you’re the right person to lead the new project? You sold.
  • Are you persuading the company to give you a job? Your selling.

All of these are everyday situations in which ordinary people ‘sell’.

Selling is important. The ability to sell is essential. Learning how to sell properly is important. Understanding the sales process is vital; whether you are classified as a salesperson, or not.

Selling – we all do it, so why is it frowned upon?

Used car salesmen. Real Estate agents. Willy Loman, the downtrodden and unsuccessful protagonist in ‘Death of a Salesman’. All of the self-serving, back-stabbing sales staff portrayed in ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’. It’s not a pretty picture. A lot of negative stereotypes doing little to sell the idea of selling.

Learning to Sell – Overcoming the stereotypical negative image

Jordan Belforthimself a convicted criminal – who’s autobiographical ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is a masterclass in self-promotion, recommends 10 Rules for Success; the first 3 of these are:

  1.  Take Action,
  2. Learn to Sell and
  3. Become Unconsciously Competent.

In essence – do something, learn and practise until you can do it in your sleep.

How can you improve your ability to sell?

Enrol in a Marketing course. Learn all about the selling process and associated sales techniques. Practise the methods and systems you’ve learned until they become second nature.

Understand that, whatever goods, services or ideas you’re selling, customers must be your number one priority. That applies equally to someone in a shop selling something to a customer, or to someone running a project promoting the latest plan to a client – it’s all sales and the end users are all customers. And the customer’s needs are paramount.

ECAC Marketing courses introduce students to the psychology and nature of individuals and groups in a buying/selling environment, and to the broader sales process. Sales training encompasses a wide variety of proven, ethical techniques for selling. Take Action: contact us and learn what you need to practise and make perfect to master the art of selling.