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Steps to Enrolment

  • If you have an education agent helping you decide your study plans, contact them and say you would like to study ECA College. If you don’t have an education agent and would like to find one.
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Step 1: Complete the application form

You can Apply Online or, using a registered education agent. Please ensure you complete all relevant sections, and the information is accurate.

Step 2: Provide certified documents

Attach certified copies of any certificates, academic transcripts or results notices that show you meet the entry requirements of your selected course.

Step 3: Submit your application

Submit your completed application through the platform or if you need support email to Student Admissions as per below:

Brand Email address When should I use this address?
ECA College

(Application/ Offer stage)

[email protected] Submitting applications or documents for assessment

Following up on an assessment outcome

ECA College

(COE stage)

[email protected] Submitting documents to accept an offer

Following up on an acceptance outcome

Step 4: Receive an offer

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer that includes details of the course they have gained admission to, including the course fees. The letter will also outline all terms and conditions of enrolment and the refund policy. This document is an official contract so it should be read carefully.

The Letter of Offer should be signed by the student and returned to ECA by the above methods along with the first payment. Signing the Letter of Offer also indicates that the student has read and accepted all the attached terms and conditions.

Step 5: First payment of course fees

The Letter of Offer will include all the payment details. Your first payment should consist of minimum requested tuition fees, the application fee, and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the full duration of your studies.

Methods of Payment:

Details of how to pay will be included in your “The Letter of Offer”. Students may pay by cash (onshore), Direct Deposit, Credit Card, EFTPOS, Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Cheque.

Step 6: Receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Upon receiving your signed Letter of Offer and your first payment, the College will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You can then take your CoE to any Australian Embassy or Consulate and apply for a student visa, in some cases you may be able to apply online .

Step 7: Arrange your travel

After you are granted the visa you can book flights, accommodation, and airport pickup.

Step 8: Arrive and Enrol

Please ensure that you notify the College of your arrival and check that your details are correctly recorded within our systems prior to commencement.

Conditions of Enrolment

  • Applications

    Prospective applicants seeking to enrol with ECA College are required to submit acceptable evidence to demonstrate that they meet the published entry criteria for their chosen course.
    All applications submitted by an applicant or agent must include the following:

    • Completed Enrolment form with applicant signature
    • Academic entry requirement certification
    • English language entry requirements certification
    • Passport Photocopy – applicant details page (where available)
    • Any other published entry requirements (where applicable)
    • Incomplete applications will result in delays in the admission process.
    • Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer and Acceptance with course details, conditions of study, payment of tuition and other fees, orientation date
    • Unsuccessful applicants will receive formal notification that their application has been unsuccessful including the reason(s).
  • Verification of Documentation

    Certified copies, together with English translations (where appropriate), of documentation included in an application for admission, must be appropriately verified, Persons eligible to certify documents are:

    • Authorised officer from the institution that originally issued the certification/document
    • Notary Public or Justice of the Peace
    • ECA College authorised officers.

    Where an application is submitted by an education agent on behalf of the prospective student, the education agent can verify that the original has been cited. To ensure authenticity, the student is still required to bring original entry documentation to orientation. Failure to provide original documentation or evidence of falsification may result in cancellation of the enrolment without refund. Such incidents will be reported to relevant Australian government bodies. Where there are doubts about a student’s claimed entry requirement documentation, ECA College will contact the issuing institution for verification.

  • Credit Transfer

    Relevant Australian Qualifications and Statements of Attainments that have been issued by any other Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will be recognised by ECA College. To apply for Credit Transfer, students must be able to present their original Qualification /Statement of Attainment or certified copies of the qualifications, with National codes and titles that match the current course in which the student is enrolled. Course Credit Transfer Policy and Credit Transfer form are available on ECA College Website: Where Credit Transfer is granted appropriate adjustments to the student’s CoE will be made and DET advised via PRISMS.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning

    ECA College recognises the skills and knowledge that students may have gained through previous studies and workplace and life experiences. Students may be entitled to gain recognition prior or after commencing the course that will exempt them from attending one or more units. Students who believe they already have the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency can request RPL and should request a copy of the RPL Kit. All students are made aware of RPL during pre-enrolment, orientation and through ECA College website. Students are provided with information about the evidence required for each qualification and must provide valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence to demonstrate competency. The assessor may require the student to undergo a challenge test/s. All RPL requests must be requested by completing the RPL Assessment Record form. All requests for RPL must be approved by the Director of Studies. Where RPL is granted appropriate adjustments to the student’s CoE will be made and DET advised via PRISMS.

  • Deferral, Suspension and/or Cancellation of Enrolment

    Overseas students may apply to Defer the commencement of their studies if they are unable to start on the start date specified in their Confirmation of Enrolment. Once their studies have commenced overseas students may, on the basis of Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances, apply for a suspension or cancellation of their studies and enrolment if they are unable to attend classes for a specified or indeterminate period of time.

  • Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances

    Compassionate or compelling circumstances are situations which are generally beyond the control of the student and which have an adverse impact on the student’s capacity and/or ability to: commence their course on the scheduled start date, but within two weeks of that date; or to attend scheduled classes for a significant period of time during the enrolment period, and include but are not limited to the following:

    • Serious illness or injury, where a verified medical certificate states that the student will be unable to commence studies or attend classes for a significant time. This includes a student’s pregnancy, giving birth and post-natal care.
    • Death or illness of close family member such as parents, or grandparents (where possible a doctor’s or death certificate) The college will also recognise the death of siblings, children, spouses, uncles and aunts but requests documentary proof of both the death and relationship.
    • A major political upheaval or natural disaster in home country requiring emergency travel.
    • A critical incident or traumatic experience (supported by police or psychologist reports) such as involvement in or witnessing a serious accident and witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime.
    • Delays in gaining a student visa.

    If a student seeks to defer or suspend their studies for any other ground not stated above, they must provide compelling documentary evidence to support their request. Students can apply for Leave by completing and submitting the Leave of Absence Form available on the Website: Or submit the on-line Form available on Students can apply to Withdraw by completing and submitting the on-line Withdrawal Application Form available on the Website: Or submit the on-line Form available on All applications for special leave or withdrawal on compassionate or compelling grounds must be supported by documentary evidence which will vary with the specific circumstances, but could include: relevant Department of Home Affairs visa documents; relevant travel documents; relevant media reports relating to a natural disaster impacting on a student’s area of residence; a relevant medical, death or birth certificate; a police incident report; a social worker’s report; and/or a psychologist’s report. Certificates not written in English must be translated into English by approved NAATI translators.

  • Course commencement

    All students MUST attend a compulsory Orientation program as specified in your Letter of Offer and be inducted into ECA College and courses within the first week of classes. Student visa holders who do not commence their course or make arrangements for an alternative start date within 2 weeks of their CoE start date will have be reported on PRISMS for “non-commencement”.

  • Contact Details

    One of the conditions of an international student visa is that students must notify the college of their residential address, mobile number (if any) and email address (if any), and the details of a person to contact in the event of an emergency. If there are any changes to these details the student must notify the college within seven (7) days.

  • Privacy Notice re. VET Data

    The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) VET Student Privacy Notice provides information about how a VET student’s personal information is managed to provide assurance that your privacy rights are observed. The information the College collects will only be used for the purposes of course enrolment, learning and study records. This information may include personal contact details, course enrolment details and its changes, assessment records, academic results and