Graduate Diploma of

Fast Track: From a Diploma/Bachelor to a Postgraduate Qualification in 1 year5

Gain confidence.
Increase your employability.
Pave your way to a promotion!

8 Simple reasons to choose the Graduate Diploma of Management

Take your career to
the next level!

Hear from the Chief Operating
Officer, ECA Group.

  • Course graduates typically bring home ADDITIONAL $45,000/YEAR MORE.2
  • Over 900% ROI (return on investment).3 Save time and money
  • A postgraduate degree dramatically increases EMPLOYABILITY.
  • Grad Dip Course provides instantly usable frameworks to GROW YOUR SKILLS and GAIN CONFIDENCE.
  • It’s a 100% online course packed with great features, unlike any others.
  • It’s designed to ENJOY and priced to AFFORD from $57/week interest-free payments over 24 months.4
  • Gain a Nationally Accredited Postgraduate Qualification.
  • Multiple entry pathways with or without a Bachelor degree.5

Boost Your Salary by up to 57%

Average salary progression

Return on Investment3

900% ROI

Would you make a one-time investment of $5K-$6K on a course to enable yourself to earn ADDITIONAL $45K/year in return for years to come?*

$135K in 3 years

That’s the price of a brand new Porsche Cayenne or a deposit for a new house. Imagine what other things this money could buy.

Why ECA Online?

Get more out of your course6


ECA Online

Other Providers

National Recognised
Postgraduate Qualification


Modern Learning
Management System

Live lessons with trainer
(optional and free to attend)

video lessons

Course extensions

Student support services


˜Red cross icon means: Depends on the specific provider and not always offered as a standard option.

Save about $6,000 on your course fees7

Course Fee Analysis – ECA Online (promo) vs Other selected providers

Consider getting a Masters/MBA later?

You can apply for a credit8 based on your Graduate Diploma qualification from ECA Online and you can save time and money should you decide to continue your studies. So, if you are not yet ready to commit to a longer and very expensive MBA, the Graduate Diploma of Management is an ideal way to build your skills and career prospects immediately and still work towards potentially completing an MBA/Masters in the future – without breaking your bank account.

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1 Promotion is limited in time. Promotion expiry date shown is indicative only, we recommend students to apply within the indicated period to ensure they have sufficient time to submit all required documents and have their application processed.
2 Provided estimates are for indicative purposes only (source: ECA Online does not guarantee any specific career or other outcomes for graduates, as they highly depend on an individual’s circumstances and environment. This information is to be used as an industry guide only.
3 Return on investment calculation is based on the investment of $5,000 (upfront promotional course fee) and an estimate of $45,000/year salary increase (income) for the graduate diploma graduate based on the industry standards. This statement does not constitute any automatic increase in salary after obtaining the stated postgraduate degree or guarantee any specific outcomes within any specific period of time. This calculation is to be used as an approximate guide only.
4 Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment options available via a range of approved platforms, including DebitSuccess, MoneyMe. Applications need to be received by 25 November 2019 and enrolments need to be completed for intakes between October 2019 and 10 February 2020. Intake dates are subject to change.
5 Conditions apply. Please contact us to obtain comprehensive information about entry requirements or to check your eligibility.
6 Course offering and feature analysis is based on the market research for providers offering similar online courses (excluding situations when a qualification is awarded based on the recognition of prior learning and work experience) courses in October 2019.
7 Course fee comparison is based on the market research for providers offering similar online courses (excluding situations when a qualification is awarded based on the recognition of prior learning and work experience) in October 2019.
8 Awarding additional credit for Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) is at sole discretion of the specific business school and is based on the type of the course to be taken, curriculum and other factors. ECA Online does not provide any guarantees regarding this.

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