Leaders – are they born or made? Probably not the first time you’ve encountered that question and I’ll bet you have an opinion on the subject too?

Conventional wisdom once told us that good leaders were born, not made. They came from the right background, went to the right schools and universities, were raised in a society where they were not only expected to lead, but in which they themselves automatically assumed that they would lead – whether they were any good at it or not!

The truth is that, like almost everything else associated with human aptitude, there is a graded curve of abilities; some lie at the bottom with little or no leadership ability, even fewer sit at the top with a gifted abundance of natural leadership talent, but by the far the vast majority of us inhabit that middle zone – with a varied capacity which, like as not, is ripe for improvement with training and experience.

It’s that middle section – i.e. most of us – who benefit most from Leadership & Management training. If you’re one of the lucky few sitting on top of the curve, training isn’t going to improve your leadership skills greatly. Similarly, if you’re at the lower end of the curve, leadership might just not be your thing. Those of us in the middle, however, can significantly improve our leadership and management potential with exposure to the right kind of training.

If you’re keen to improve your leadership and management skills, have a look at some of the courses offered by ECA – contact us for more details, then “Lead on, MacDuff” (to misquote Shakespeare).