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ECA College offers various free workshops for our students. These workshops are designed to help international students achieve their academic goals. They also increase the chances of finding employment while living and studying in Australia. At ECA College we know how hard it is; especially international students studying and working. Our teachers are ready to help you achieve success. As part of the ECA Group, these workshops are available to all the other colleges with ECA; this means you get the chance to meet other students from our group colleges.


We have a great range of free workshops such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Work Ready Skills
  • Academic Writing
  • IELTS Practice Test
  • Pronunciation
  • Coffee Conversation
  • One-on-One

To register you will need to provide the following:

  1. Student ID Number
  2. College you are attending
  3. City/Campus
  4. Course you enroled in
  5. Contact details &
  6. what workshop you would like to attend

Once you have filled out your information and selected the workshop you are interested in, you can pick out a time slot that works for you.

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All workshops are subject to availability.