ECA College Learning Management System CANVAS

Technical Requirements for Studying at ECA College

The minimum requirements for students in most courses include a computer with a current web browser, email address, the software capability to submit assignments as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) documents, and access to the Internet preferably using high-speed NBN, ADSL, Cable or similar.

  • Minimum Hardware Requirements:

    We strongly recommend a computer less than 3 years old.

    • Processor (CPU): Minimum Intel Core i3-3xxx or above.
    • Memory (RAM): Minimum 4 GB or more.
    • Ethernet connection (LAN) or a wireless adapter (Wi-Fi).
    • Hard Drive: Minimum 120 GB or more.
    • Online students will also need the following to participate in the online tutorials:
      • Headset or speakers and microphone (we recommend a USB headset for greater reliability)
      • Webcam
      • Internet bandwidth of at least 600kbps/1.2Mbps (up/down)
  • Recommended Software:

    • Microsoft Windows 7 or above is recommended.
    • Apple OS X with Microsoft Office will work for many of our courses, but APIC IT Help Desk support is very limited.
    • Other operating systems may work but are not supported by the APIC IT Help Desk.
    • Zoom to attend online sessions (online students only).
    • Firefox or Chrome Web browsers: To access Canvas and your learning contents.
    • Microsoft Office (Office 365): To prepare and save your documents and assignment.
  • What you’ll find in Canvas

    In Canvas, you can access learning material for each unit of study you are enrolled in. Each unit will have its own site that will usually include:

    • the unit of study outline
    • learning resources such as lecture notes and recordings, interactive videos, links to readings and articles
    • communication tools such as announcements and discussions
    • activities including quizzes
    • assignment submission
    • a calendar where you can view and download important course dates
    • the unit of study coordinator contact details.

    You can access your units in Canvas for the entire time you are a student at the University. Once a semester has finished you will still be able to review content and files from past subjects, but won’t be able to submit assignments, take quizzes or add to discussions.

  • How to Create Username and Password

    Username:StudentID e.g. 201961770

    Password:Date Of birth (DDMMYYYY), e.g. 03121997

  • To Recover your OLS (Canvas) password follow the steps below:

    1. Click on “Forgot Password?” link on Canvas login page.
    2. Enter your ECA college Login ID and you will get a new password link at your nominated email address

    If you can’t reset your OLS Canvas password for any reason, please contact student services. [email protected] Sydney 02-87663570

Demonstration video for students how to use Canvas

Most questions about using Canvas LMS are answered in the Canvas Community guides.

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