Could a Marketing & Communication professional thrive in this world, without words? Possibly – there are plenty of evocative images around us that get a message across, e.g. the hour-glass Coke bottle. But in reality, how many such images can truly stand alone, without either prior knowledge or textual backup/explanation to maximise their impact? Arguably, not many.

Words need a writer. Words used to promote something need a specific type of writer – a copywriter. Copy, in this instance, doesn’t mean duplicate; it means text – more specifically, text used to advertise. This blog is itself a perfect example – it’s written to inform an audience and elicit a response: find out more about copywriting.

Copywriters write the text used to promote goods and services, ideas, people, organisations etc. In order to do that they must understand the principle of Marketing & Communication. Copywriting is not simply a matter of creative writing. You may be able to craft a wonderfully readable and enjoyable short story, but can you write the compelling words that’ll sell a product? Different skill set entirely. That’s not to say that if you’re good at one you won’t be good at the other. Like many skills, there’s a great deal of transferability – meaning there are many and varied avenues for earning a crust from writing.

Whether the promotion is in traditional print media, modern digital media, social media, even television and radio – someone has to write the words (TV and radio adverts require a written script), and that someone is a one of the many flavours of Marketing & Communication professional – a Copywriter.

A picture may paint a thousand words, but it’s those words cascading inside your head that truly paint the picture.

If you like playing with language and enjoy written expression, read more about the Marketing & Communication courses provided by ECA – contact us for more details and start writing copy.