Business Administration – What does it take to keep a business running? Is it simply a matter of someone with a great idea for a product or service setting up a company and selling? No, of course not. Many businesses may have started with an individual’s eureka moment, but it takes serious, knowledgeable and trained business professionals covering many disciplines to make an organisation hum smoothly.

Business courses can be a great shortcut to acquiring the knowledge and skills required for the administration of any organisation and can save a lot of heartache from learning by trial and error on the job. Why reinvent the wheel when, over the years, trials have already been done, errors already made and learned from, and coherent, flexible and teachable systems have emerged from the chaos?

Business Administration is a broad term covering many skill sets and types of work; some of the better known administrative functional areas include:

  • Reception or front desk
  • Book-keeping
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Inventory control
  • Despatch

None of these areas are directly involved in the manufacturing of goods or creation of a service for sale, but they are each critical to the day-to-day running of the entire operation – visitors are welcomed correctly and appointment diaries maintained, cash-flow is kept on track, the workforce is paid on time, new staff are identified and inducted, parts and materials essential to the business are controlled, goods are despatched to customers when complete.

On-the-job training is an essential, and arguably never-ending process – we’re always learning something. However, formalised, off-site training gives anyone involved in the administrative functions of an organisation a head-start.

Career-wise there’s no limit for administrators, it’s almost invariably the back-room staff who rise to the top of an organisation – they’re the ones who have the broad business experience and know how everything not only works but fits together.

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