About ACYN – Australian College of Yoga & Natural Therapy

Australian College of Yoga & Natural Therapy , offers globally accepted certified yoga teacher training. We are associated with The Global Society for peace and spiritual science (GSPSS), a not for profit humanitarian mission. We, GSPSS is fully registered with Yoga Alliance International and the Yoga Alliance AustraliaWe are an authentic and accredited yoga and natural science education provider in Australia and the globe. We connect the ancient Hatha yoga Philosophy to modern happiness for humanity.

Our yoga wisdom is a lot about giving and receiving. It has been proposed that we only keep what we have by giving it away, which is one of the main motivations for teaching and training others to teach.

The yoga taught at our Centre is called Mahashakti Happy Yoga, meaning integrated or complete with happiness. Mahashakti Yoga represents a holistic approach to yoga integrating not just the physical postures but also philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control and the yogic personal and social code of ethics. The postural instruction is alignment focused. Sequences range from gentle restorative to dynamic. Blocks, belts and bolsters are available to be used to support and modify postures safely.

We seek to integrate all 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga the way it was originally taught, more than 3000 years ago in Vedic culture at Himalayan Guru Ashram. Yoga asanas, or postures, are just one of these limbs. The other limbs are equally important, including meditation, pranayama breath control, and the personal and social code of ethics, the yamas and niyamas.

Our Physical Locations

We have two different prime locations for yoga study in Sydney Australia for face to face classes. We are running our classes from Sussex Street, Sydney CBD and the Fitzwilliam street Parramatta.

Our Lead Trainer details

ERYT designation is Master Yoga Teacher (MYT) Acharya Rajan Sharma AKA Bhimsen Sapkota and Yoga Alliance-International’s Registry ID: ABS24102020 and Accredited yoga teachers team.

Acharya Rajan Sharma (Bhimsen Sapkota) is an inspirational yogi & the human values promoter. Specialising in transformational experience of yoga, meditation, mantra, natural therapy and discourse.

Yogi Acharya Rajan Sharma is an author of the bestselling book-‘The Art of Happiness'(Sukha Sutra), a Professor, Peace Promoter ,Yoga -meditation promoter , Life Coach , Motivational Speaker & Media Personality with a 27 years of authentic yoga teaching experience in 400 different cities of 82 countries around the world.

He is a founder & the authentic yoga course designer of ‘The Global Society for Peace and Spiritual Science(GSPSS) , goodwill ambassador for International Nepalese literary Society(INLS) ,peace ambassadors for WPC & GSPSS which are special consultative status with the UN .

Acharya Rajan Sharma is also known as also known as Bhimsen Sapkota . He is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. He is based on Australia and spreading happiness in many countries. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life. He has got yoga degrees from 3 different countries i.e. Nepal,India and Australia.

  • World’s record holder

    Acharya Rajan Sharma has set 3 different world records:

    1)Yoga Camp and Motivational seminar inside the flight, USA-2017,

    2) Longest ever yoga teachers training of continuously 5o days through online, among 600 participant around the world-2020.

    3) Organiser of 600 yoga teachers , who participated at the same time via online yoga test -2020

  • Affiliation

    • Senior Yoga teacher: ‘SHARE, Australia, NSW Gov, supported and monitored program ,Sydney – (2018-Till date)
    • Yoga teachers’ trainers: Sarasvati Yoga Society, Kenthurst, Australia (2013 to till date)
    • Yoga, Course developer, Meditation trainer, healer , Motivational Speaker, Peace promoter & Mind Technology Trainer at The Global Society for Peace and Spiritual Science Incorporated GSPSS (2009 -Till date)
    • Goodwill ambassador: International Nepalese Literary Society (INLS)(2020-till date)
    • Nepali Cultural Ambassador for Fiji (2016 to till date)
    • Director: Motivational Yoga seminar, “The Art of Happiness (2009 to till date) peace promoter in 200 different cities of 42 counties.
    • (Head professor ): AIC & RCMI ,Sydney, Australia (2009 to till date)